Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Do I have to book or can I just turn up?
A:    Just come on down! Both our Zumba and Salsa classes are run on a completely casual basis. No lock-in terms or courses unless _you_ choose our 5/10 lesson discounts.

Q:  Is there a class for beginners?
Q:  I have never danced before… etc
A:  Classes are suitable for everyone of all ages and ability. Work at your own pace and fitness level.

Q:   When can I start?
A:    Now !!! We run all our classes on a casual basis, and don’t commit you to a course. So, no waiting for the next “term” start or worrying if you will miss a week. Many of our students are fly-in-fly-out workers and parents and shift workers etc etc. With over 50 Zumba classes each week, just come whenever you can!

Q:    Do I need to bring a partner?
A:    No!  You are dancing on you own in the Zumba classes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get meet the other people there!

Q:   What should I wear?
A:    Gym attire. Light tops and shorts/cargoes/tights etc are best as you will work up a sweat. Jeans are not recommended! Light sneakers are highly recommended. Bare feet or socks are not acceptable.

Q:    Wait, I have more questions…
A:    Call us!