ZUMBA with Danza Loca

Zumba with Danza Loca
Have more fun LOSING WEIGHT than you ever thought possible! ZUMBA® with DANZA LOCA combines awesome music with Latin dance steps, scientific principles and dynamic high energy instructors, to deliver a low impact fat burning cardio workout that will MELT the kilos off your body! You don’t need to know how to dance, and you can work at your own level.

Dress to sweat!!! We suggest gym clothes/shorts/cargoes
SHOES MUST BE WORN: Bare feet or socks are not permitted

BEGINNERS and under 18’s WELCOME !!!
-Supervised children as active participants are welcome!
-More details for children and Creche Facilities linked below

$13 per session (Cash only) — $20 discount if prepaying for a 10 lesson card — Use at any of our Zumba with Danza Loca Venues — NO NEED TO BOOK! Just turn up

55 minutes for all classes

Zumba with Danza Loca


Introduce a friend to ANY Danza Loca classes (ZUMBA, Salsa, Bachata or WHATEVER!), and we’ll give you BOTH 50% off their first class! This offer is to benefit current students who bring “new” students to our classes. The new student will need to register as your guest (at class reception) on their first session.

Bring more than one guest, and we’ll give you a class discount voucher (50% of course!) for each one, that you can use at a later date. The system will work much easier if the “host” accompanies their guest at their registration.

Yes, once your friend has joined, they will also be able to benefit from this offer and bring their own guests to Danza Loca classes.

We know dancing with the Danza Loca Crew has made a difference in your life. Wouldn’t you want your friends to enjoy the same awesome benefits you’ve been receiving since you joined? Of course you would…and enjoy a half-price class at the same time 🙂

Zumba with Danza Loca
Zumba with Danza Loca

Danza Loca Quality Guarantee

Remember, if you are after our quality ZUMBA® with Danza Loca classes that they are listed here only! If they are not listed here then they are not run by us!

If you are ever unsure about a class just ask the receptionist “is this a Danza Loca class?” and/or contact us with your comments. We appreciate any and all feedback!!

Zumba with Danza Loca
Zumba with Danza Loca

ZUMBA® class schedule: Lessons and locations

Try clicking on the ‘Week‘, ‘Month‘ or ‘Agenda‘ tabs along the top to view the class schedule in a different format! Clicking on a class will open a popup window with more details, including a Google Maps link!



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Latest News

Latest News
Zumba 2020 reopening hours

Zumba 2020 reopening hours

Hey Zumba crew! The holidays are over and all our Danza Loca Zumba classes will reopen from the 13th of January:

Mondays Royal Park 9.30am

Mondays South Perth 9.30am

Thursdays Royal Park 9.30am

Fridays South Perth 9.30am

Saturdays Royal Park 8.45am

2019 Zumba Holiday Timetable

2019 Zumba Holiday Timetable

Hey South Perth Crew!!

No class tomorrow!! (9th Dec)
As Erika has already left for Germany, there will be no Monday classes at South Perth Senior Citizen Centre until 13th Jan 2020.

You can still get to Fridays at South Perth and all our regular Royal Park classes (West Perth) for the next week or so, with the lovely Leo!!

Our last class for 2019 will be on Friday 20th December.

Zumba with Danza Loca will be closing over Christmas from Dec 21st 2019 to Jan 12th 2020

We hope you all have an awesome holiday with your loved ones, and come back to classes in 2020 fully recharged!!