Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Do I have to book or can I just turn up?
A:    Just come on down! Both our Zumba and Salsa classes are run on a completely casual basis. No lock-in terms or courses unless you choose our 5 lesson discount pack.

Q:    Is there a class for beginners?
Q:    I have never danced before… etc
A:    The Tuesday free class at 7pm is ideal for you. It starts at the very beginning and is focused on getting you up and dancing. The beginners classes at 8:30pm is also aimed at the absolute beginner. Saturday classes move a little faster and have a different focus, but are still suitable for a beginner. We run many levels and you get to move at your own pace, so feel comfortable that you will “fit in” and be dancing with people of similar experience!

Q:   How do the salsa classes and levels work?
A:    As we don’t commit you to a lock-in course, you can move at your own pace though the levels. If you practice often and learn fast then you may get to move through the levels quicker that then people who do not. BUT, you must demonstrate that you know the content of each level to an instructor in a quick and informal test before you graduate to the next level. Approximately 4-8 hours/weeks of lessons/practice is highly suggested for each of the beginner levels.

Q:   When can I start?
A:    Now! We run all our classes on a casual basis, and don’t commit you to a course. So, no waiting for the next “term” start or worrying if you will miss a week. Many of our students are fly-in-fly-out workers and parents and shift workers etc etc. With several opportunities each week for Salsa classes, just come whenever you can!

Q:    Do I need to bring a partner?
A:    No! in all of our salsa classes everyone gets a chance to dance with a partner. We change partners often, dancing in a big circle called a “Rueda”, so on the odd occasion that the numbers are not balanced, everyone still gets involved, and you get to meet lots of people!

Q:   What should i wear?
A:    SHOES MUST BE WORN! Some venues have a dress code, so best to dress smart but casual. The night time venues require that men wear long pants, good (not ripped) jeans are OK. Dress as if you were going to a club or pub, get dressed up more if you feel like it!!!
Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes, as we will have you up and dancing for at least an hour!
Ladies: best to wear shoes that hold your heel in some way. Please don’t try wearing thongs/flip-flops, even if you make it into the venue you run a real risk of tripping over your own footwear.

Q:   I have Danced Salsa/Latin/Ballroom/etc Before…
A:    If you have danced before and want to try out our salsa classes, one of our instructors will have a quick dance with you to put you at an appropriate level. PLEASE TURN UP VERY EARLY so we can cater for you, or you will have to join the very beginners classes, we will not take your word for it (sorry).  If classes have started there will be no-one left to assist you (as we’re teaching!)

When you turn up, keep these things in mind:

Dancers of other styles (such as Latin ballroom, jive, ceroc etc) are always encouraged to join us starting with the beginners group to get the most enjoyment out of Salsa Cubana. You move through our levels at your own pace. So if you learn quickly, you should be at a more challenging level within a few lessons. Use this time to also refine your body action and pick up some tips and local quirks you may not have seen before. Join the free class for a revision on Cuban hip and body action, it’s not just a beginners class!

Experienced dancers of other styles of salsa (including LA, Millennium and NY styles, and sometimes those who have not learned locally) usually need to join the Beginners 2a class if they are not familiar with the ‘vacila’ (ladies slow Cuban turn) and basics of Rueda. Yes!, you do need to know what the steps are called, it is how we will communicate what we want in all the levels. If you truly know your stuff then this is easy… all you need to do is to demonstrate this to us in a quick dance with one of our instructors

‘Advanced’ dancers from other salsa schools will often find our Intermediate 3 level has steps appropriate for them. If you’ve had more than a year’s worth of intensive practice and lessons (several times a week!) then this might be for you. Our Advanced class features a huge range of hard core figures to really challenge you.
Only for truly serious salsa dancers! You will have to demonstrate a high level of skill -and knowledge of our intermediate steps- to our staff, for you to be invited and to remain in the Advanced class to keep it fair and interesting for all. And remember that Saturday classes contain even more Advanced technique and individual attention.

Of course, don’t hesitate to speak to any of our friendly staff about getting into the right class for you. Please remember that being asked to join a lower level you than you might think is not a slight on you but simply a requirement that you are familiar with our prerequisites for the higher levels, so that the class remains enjoyable for both you and your classmates.

Q:    Wait, I have more questions…
A:    Call us!