Danza Loca is very happy to announce new programs starting in 2014.

We are blessed to be joined for a short while by two excellent foreign instructors with international teaching experienced and amazing flavor, and we look forward to their input at our existing and new classes.

 Sydney Tau (from London) is one of my favorite Cuban style Salsa dancers to watch, expert in Rumba and injecting Cuban body movement into the Salsa and Casino patterns he teaches. You’ll be seeing Sydney around our intermediate and advanced classes.

 John Toretto (from France) has recently arrived and will be with us only a short time. John is passionate and expert in both Bachata and Kizomba, a dance that Danza Loca is keen to promote and develop here in Perth. We are keen to get as much information from him as possible during his stay in Perth.

 As for myself, Simon Fryda, principal of Danza Loca, I am excited to again be offering my own expertise in Dancesport Latin, which hasn’t been offered in Danza Loca for a few years, as well as re-inventing our Bachata syllabus over the next few months, as we incorporate the latest developments in this rhythm.


Latin Dancesport Medal Classes:   (Mondays)

Dancesport is the branch of Latin dancing that developed from Ballroom dancing, and leads students towards a higher performance level or even competitive dancing. “Medals” relate to the syllabus levels, starting at Bronze level and working through to Gold. “Medalists” are the students who undertake exams at each level.

The dances you’ll be learning include the Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba and Paso Doble.  I’m very proud of the extremely high level of Medalists I’ve produced over the last 20 years, and am keen to deliver the techniques required for truly beautiful movement and dancing to our Danza Loca students and professionals once again.

These classes will operate on a term basis with (optional) exams at the completion undertaken through the Australian Institute of Dancing.

 Kizomba!  (with John Toretto- limited time only!):  (Wednesdays)

Join John Toretto as he invites you to experience the sensual and rhythmic movements of the Kizomba, the latest dance to sweep across Europe, from the basics through to intricate advanced fusion combinations.

Bachata Moderna:  (Wednesdays)

  For beginners through to students keen to follow up on recent workshops, and build combinations from the popular fundamentals developed here and overseas, including Juan Ruiz’s “Bachata Moderna” syllabus and techniques.

Bachata Fusion (with John Toretto- limited time only!):  (Wednesdays)

 Bachata Fusion combines the elements of the 3 essential Bachata styles emerging today, “Dominican” techniques with “Sensual” subtleties fused with “Moderna” basics. Appreciation and interpretation of the music will be a key theme of classes. 

For more information about any of these classes, please contact us